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How to Score in SPM Pendidikan Moral

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Well, this is my first post in MS blog other than my self introduction one. I will mainly talk about Pendidikan Moral in this and also coming soon post as i got an A1 in my Pendidikan Moral and I also attended tuition class on Pendidikan Moral.

So...How to Score in SPM Pendidikan Moral

Some of my friends tell me that the subject Pendidikan Moral is hard for them. But it is easy IF you have a good memory and can think and analysis things logically.

Firstly, let’s go through about the format of Pendidikan Moral for SPM 2006/2007 (and I believe it will not change for these years.)

Generally, that’s TWO papers for Pendidikan Moral.
  1. Paper 1 is the questions you had to attempt while SPM
  2. Paper 2 is the project you need to do or they call Folio you need to do when you are in form 4 and form 5!

Just for your information, as I know from some markers that they said that Paper 2 usually will takes 10% of the marks in SPM! This one I don’t know it is actually true or not!

Before we go to Paper 1, the main topic in this post, I just comment on some tips and something you can do to get maximum marks in Paper 2!
  • Get a good relationship with YOUR Moral teacher.
  • Ask the teacher what he or she wants in your folio. (There are certain words that you MUST use in each article. Ask your teacher for more information on it!)
  • Do everything he or she asks in your folio. (e.g.: Number of photo, format of essay and use computer or handwrite……)
  • Behave as a “good boy” or “good girl” in moral class. (Supposed to be in school or all the time!)

Like my classmate, we cooperate with our teacher and ALL of us get full mark for Paper 2!

Then, for Paper 1, there are 2 sections:
  1. Section A is structure question.
  2. Section B is essay question.

You are provided 2 ½ hours that I consider it is very long time for you to do double check and triple check.

Make sure you had memorized all the Moral Values (“Nilai”), Definitions (“definasi”) and Key words (“kata kunci”) before you go to any moral test and SPM!

*I will mention again some tips or methods that you can use to memorize Moral Values (“Nilai”), Definitions (“definasi”) and Key words (“kata kunci”) easily.

For section A:
  • You MUST answer ALL questions!
  • Questions consist of moral values, definitions and KBKK (That means reasoning or logic.)
  • Answer ALL questions in FULL SENTENCES and NOT in point form!
  • Don’t separate your answer. (That means don’t separate one point into two sentences.)
  • Don’t use those words in below that shows something uncertain:
“iaitu” “sesuatu” “seseorang”

For section B:

  • Answer ALL questions although it requires you to answer 2 only!
  • Answer the essay question in only ONE (1) paragraph only!
  • Answer in format below for each moral value.
Name the Moral Valuev Give 2 keywords (“kata kunci”)Give your elaborations. (1 elaboration for 1 keyword.)
  • Give THREE (3) moral values for each question! DON’T GIVE ONLY TWO!
For memorizing the Moral Values (“Nilai”) , Definitions (“definasi”) and Key words (“kata kunci”), you can use any method that suits you. For those have no idea on how to start, you can memorize one moral value everyday. I’m sure you can do it from today till the day you sit for SPM!

You can also make your own pocket notes that contain every Moral Values, Definitions and Key words or even some notes on answering SPM question. You can bring it along wherever you go and take it out and have a look when you are free. It is a good idea on how you spend your free time well!

Well, this post only gives you a general idea on how you can do your Moral question. I will be giving more details and examples on the coming post!

Any question or if I say anything wrong feel free to ask or correct me by posting a comment here!

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